Is escort legal?

Escort is definitely not news these days. Some say it is prostitution these days, others view escort differently. Escort in Athens can be not only prostitution, but also escort, an interesting society. However, those who order escort services often do not expect a pleasant company with a beautiful woman, but intimacy. Well, this is often debated. Is escort really just prostitution with a modern name? Maybe it’s just a nice company?

The escort is a nice escort, so it seems completely legal. Still, many countries don’t see it as an escort. Prostitution is not legal in all countries, nor is escort. Such services are legal in some countries, but are still not seen as legal business. For example, a number of advertising companies may refuse to advertise these services even if these services are legal. Sometimes it is forbidden by law, sometimes just by moral views. If escort is not prostitution, why such an approach to the profession? Surely the reason is not surprising. There is probably a part of escort services where intimate relationships are not included. Well, at least there is disagreement in advance. However, this does not mean that it does not happen for an additional fee. Often men who order escort services expect, and sometimes even know, that it will not only be a pleasant escort. Escort is partly prostitution these days. Pleasant communication often ends in an intimate relationship in bed and certainly not out of pleasure. Sex is paid, so it would be naive to say it’s not prostitution. Well, it is gratifying to say that escort services are positive not only to be able to buy a woman’s body for a few days and do with it what she wants, but also for other reasons. More and more men are really looking to meet and interact with a charming woman. Women providing these services often have to be educated and speak several languages. Escort in Prague is often chosen not only by older men, but also by charming young people who just want to spend an exciting business trip without expecting intimacy.

Escort in Prague, Escort in Athens is much more popular than in Lithuania. It is gratifying that the attitude towards women in this country is more moral. Escort is not prostitution, but often women not only provide escort services but also intimately satisfy men.